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Clint Sintim, OLB/DE, Virginia

I barely have enough on him for a full scouting, and honestly given his position and stock he’s not a guy I really want to spend an hour writing a report on.

Name: Clint Sintim
34 OLB, 43 DE
School: Virginia
Height: 6030 E
Weight: 256 E
40 Time: 4.77 E

Athleticism: 6.0
Sintim is a good athlete with great quickness. He possesses plus balance, but his change of direction is an area of concern for me and a reason why I don’t believe he can play 4-3 LB. He’s not comfortable breaking down plays in space, as shown by his difficulty adjusting to Tyrod Taylor’s running (QB for VT).

Physical Talents: 6.5
Grading him as a linebacker, he has very good size and a good frame, and good speed. Grading him as a DE, he has mediocre size and frame but exceptional explosion. Either way, he is a talented player with the raw tools needed.

Polish: 6.0

He has a good understanding of the playbook and played reverses and outside runs very well, an indicator of his understanding of the playbook. He doesn’t have much in the way of pass-rush moves, unfortunately, and his hips make him a mediocre-at-best open-field tackler. His instincts appear above average.

Competitiveness: 6.5

Nothing really came out and wowed me, but he grades out above-average in every aspect. He gave great effort in pursuit, was consistent, made big plays on important downs, and shows good toughness coming back after being knicked up against Clemson.

Strengths: As a rush linebacker, Sintim has great size for the position and good strength. I also feel like his frame has more growing to do and he could add good weight without losing speed, but I’m far from an expert at predicting growth potential. As a defensive end, he is explosive off the ball and extremely quick. Either way, he is a smart and athletic player who comes from a respected former NFL coach in Al Groh.

Weaknesses: I have real concerns about Sintim’s ability to take on blockers, as he was manhandled fairly often by TEs who could keep him away from the ball. He is smart enough to know what he has to do, but rarely disengages from a block to make the play. Doesn’t break down well enough in space to make tough drops in coverage and is inexperienced dropping more than 5 yards deep. No real pass-rush moves, though he did have a spin move that was at least respectable.

Summary: I really liked the potential I saw from Sintim. He would be best in a 34 defense where the ends free up the linebackers to make plays, as he has no real moves to disengage. While I try to provide players for fans of any team, like any scout I project Sintim to a specific team – the Seattle Seahawks in this case. For Seattle’s defense, Sintim would have to be a weakside end and while I believe he has the raw athleticism to do so, he would be a project pick and I personally would not take a project any earlier than the 4th round. For a 34 defense, he’d be considered a linebacker and would get a much higher grade.

Final Grade: 5.8

Games Scouted: Clemson, VT, USC


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